lonely darling, say goodbye.

 lovely lurker(s), /////////Committing the greatest indignity to the human race////////////

Cube Loft by IdS/R Architecture




S- Sex tourists-french kicks

T- Tired pony- all things all at once

E- Empty streets- Ghost beach

P- Pentimento- the bridge (acoustic)

H- no H so random one, In hearts wake- survival ( the chariot)

A- au revoir simone-crazy

N- Neon indian- polish girl 

I- Iron and wine- such great heights 

E-  No E so another random, Bear hands- giants

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saw your "send me your name and i'll make you a mini playlist" post, so if you'd like to do it for me that'd be rad. c:


awh yis. ( these were matched randomly while on shuffle,  )

L- Local natives- Ceilings 

A- arctic monkeys- knee socks 

N- ( didn’t have one with N surprisingly, or I was trying to finish fast, so random one for u)

Ghost beach- Been there before

A- All I know-washed out

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Send me your name and I’ll make you a mini playlist that start with those letters

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